Now thru Sept 23rd

Do you think that you look like Alfred Hitchcock?  If you don’t, do you know someone (a relative, co-worker, baby, pet) who looks like Alfred?

In celebration of Hitchcock Month (Sept 2010), The 39 Steps is hosting its THIRD ANNUAL ALFRED HITCHCOCK LOOK-A-LIKE CONTEST!

So take a photo of you or someone you know who looks like Alfred Hitchcock and you can win a BIG PRIZE!  Remember, the photo need not be an exact likeness of our beloved Alfred, but convey his persona.

Three lucky “Finalists” shall be selected to appear for a LIVE VOTE where the audience of The 39 Steps shall decide who is the best Alfred Hitchcock Look-A-Like!

The Finalists shall each win four tickets (for you and three guests) to attend Alfred Hitchcock’s The 39 Steps on Monday, September 27th at 8:00pm.  After the performance, the three finalists will be invited to appear on-stage and the audience will vote LIVE to select the grand prize winner of the THIRD ANNUAL ALFRED HITCHCOCK  LOOK-A-LIKE CONTEST.  The winner shall be awarded a prize package of fabulous merchandise from THE 39 STEPS and the title of BEST ALFRED HITCHCOCK LOOK-A-LIKE (value: priceless!).

Cost to enter:  Nothing!  Absolutely Free! 

Who Can Enter:  Males, females, kids, pets, pet rocks, anyone and any thing can enter the look-a-like contest, as long as they reside within the NYC area.

How to enter:  Send your “Alfred Hitchcock Look A Like” photo via email to “”  In the subject line, please write “Look A Like,” and in the body of the email please give us the name of the person/thing in the photo (if not you), your name, your phone number, and your mailing address. 

For rules for the “Look a Like” contest, click here


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